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In 2016 Texas Hills Seeks to Recognize Service to Scouting

by Darlene Karthauser, November 6, 2015

The January 7, 2016 District Banquet will be held at the Bandera United Methodist Church at 7:00 pm. All units throughout the district are invited to bring all their families to recognize the leaders for their service to Scouting and to recognize our Eagle Scouts of 2015.

There are three awards to recognize Scouters for their work at different levels:

The Top of Texas Award is a unit award. The Unit Committee along with the Cub/Scoutmaster should choose an adult from their unit that exemplifies the qualities of Scouting and has worked at the unit level to provide service above and beyond. Each unit will submit one person to recognize from their unit to the District Committee Advancement and Recognition Chair, Darlene Karthauser.

Texas Hills Scouters who have received this award in the past are:

                                                         Sean Basinger (T471)         Scott Chapman (T111)

                                                               Bill Nichols (T111)        Tom Brown* (T140)

                                                         Sabrina Garces (T60)        Darlene Karthauser* (T111)

                                                   Nicole Chambers (T370)        Robert Collier* (T111)

                                                          John Knoulton(T111)        *Formerly Soaring Arrow Award

                                                                    Michelle Taylor

                                                        Carryl Vasquez(T111)

The District Award of Merit is a district award. Anyone in Texas Hills District can nominate an adult for this award. Two people can be selected by the Committee to receive the District Award of Merit. This award is to recognize Scouters who have provided exemplary service to Scouting at the district level. Submit nominations to the District Advancement and Recognition Chair, Darlene Karthauser.

Texas Hills Scouters who have received this award are:

                                          Alan Hodel           Tom Page             Lawrence Ray Smith

                         Tom Brown                                                                                   Linda Marshall

                Carryl Vasquez                                                                                                       Robert Collier (2)

        Chuck Hopkins                                                                                                                                Ed Mulvey

                 Chris McCain                                                                                                           Wheeler Mosty

                             Darlene Karthauser                                                                   Sarge Klingeman

                                                Nita Weber                                                    Dotie North

                                                                              Brian Fisher

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest honor awarded to a Scouter at the Council level.  Scouters who have provided outstanding service at the Council level can be nominated by anyone in the district and submitted to the District Executive, AJ Chaney. The Council Committee will determine the Silver Beaver Recipients.

Texas Hills Scouters who have received this award are:

                                                                   Carryl Vasquez

                                                            Darlene Karthauser        Joseph R. Sisca

                                                                            Nita Weber        Gloria North

                                                            Preston Weatherred        Tom Pardean

                                                                          Brian Fisher        Linda Marshall

                                                                  Barbara A. Story        Lawrence Ray Smith (Gulf Coast Council)

                                                             Dennis M. Biediger        Robert Collier

Dr. Lawrence Ray Smith was awarded the Silver Antelope Award recognizing his service at the National level for his work with the National Religious Committee.

Packs can also earn the Summertime Pack Award.  Pack 60, Pack 147, and Pack 471 have earned this award.

The Recognition Banquet would also be a good time to recognize leaders for years of service and "knots" earned during 2015. Please submit the names of leaders your unit would like to recognize. The unit will provide the local recognition, but it is a good opportunity to recognize this outstanding service at the district level as well.

Please turn in nominations to the appropriate people to show appreciation to your leaders for a job well done.  Turn in nominations by the December 3 Roundtable.  Invite everyone in your unit to the banquet on January 7 to show your leaders your support and appreciation.

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