Texas Hills Troops and Crew Gather for Fun and Fellowship

by Darlene Karthauser, October 16, 2016

This weekend Nita Weber and Brian Fisher executed a relaxing and enjoyable Fall Rendezvous for the Texas Hills District. Troop 3, Troop 60, Troop 111, Troop 310, Troop 370, Troop 471, and Crew 1 attended and hosted a variety of stations that included competitive events.  65 adults, youth, and staff participated in the event. Many others expressed disappointment at having to miss the event due to Homecoming and band competitions. It is a busy time of year.

Pack 60 brought a few Arrows of Light to experience a Day in the Life of a Boy Scout. Troop 111 hosted them on this campout. Arrows of Light are tasked with visiting as many Scout troops as they can before crossing over into the Boy Scout program.

Troop 111 hosted a Treasure Hunt that used orienteering skills to find a sweet treat at the end.

Crew 1 hosted a First Aid application competition with a debrief and elaboration on what steps need to be taken in order to apply First Aid.

Troop 471 hosted a knot tying competition.

Other competitive events were the traditional Dutch oven cook-off, pioneering project, and campsite inspection.

The hit of the weekend was the highly energetic Human Foosball game that was newly constructed by the Powderhorn staff. Located between the Trading Post and the Boat Docks, the Foosball "table" was a fenced in rectangle with bars running across that players had to have two hands on during the entire game. Six players for each team lined up on the bars that had a cover that slid back and forth like a foosball rod. Players had to keep at least one foot on the ground during play. First the adults tried their hands and feet at this exciting event, then the Scouts played. Carryl Vasquez introduced the new game to the Rendezvous participants and had the adults hold a demonstration match. The 10 minute halves seemed like an eternity to the adults, who played with vigor and a vengeance. The spectator crowd grew with the excited shouts from the adult players. Then the Scouts had a turn and played a tournament that left everyone feeling happy and exhausted.

As the foosball competition was going on, Robert Collier, Scoutmaster for Troop 111, set up a ham radio station hoping to participate in the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) that was also going on this weekend. This weekend Scouts who were able to make one connection by ham radio with other Scouts receive a patch for their participation. Unfortunately, with Bear Creek's program area sitting in the middle of a canyon, the Scouts were able to hear other stations, but other stations could not hear them. It was still fun to listen to the radio "chatter" of Scouts reaching out across the nation and even the world. We heard Scouts from Alabama, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and more.

Saturday evening wrapped up the weekend nicely with a large campfire. Troop 111 SPL, Jake C., was master of ceremonies for the campfire, with his ASPL, Bryar D. They introduced the skits and awards and added their own personal flavor to the closing campfire.

The weather for the weekend was outstanding. Everyone slept well Saturday night, packed up Sunday morning and headed home after a satisfying weekend of fun and fellowship with other Scouts and Scouters.

Thanks to Troop 111, Troop 471, and Crew 1 for hosting events. Thanks to Carryl Vasquez for introducing us to Human Foosball, and a big thanks to Nita Weber and Brian Fisher for organizing the event and bringing us all together.