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It's almost time to renew your Merit Badge Counselor application

by Carla Campbell, Council Advancement Committee Member, Sep. 4, 2016

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Kids are back in school.  Round ups are recruiting.  Popcorn sales are under way.  And that means it soon will be time to think about Recharter.  Wait!  What?! 
Yes, Recharter is “just around the corner” for the districts and units and that means it’s also time for Merit Badge Counselor renewal.  
Last year was a bit of a struggle because it hadn’t been done in...well, it seemed like forever.  National has always wanted the Merit Badge Counselor list to go through the same kind of annual renewal and “clean up” that happens with Recharter and we, as a Council, had let it slide for a long time.
This email is going out to everyone who is on the approved lists (as well as the DEs and Melissa so that they know what’s going on with it.)  At Expo there was a letter handed out with the rules and instructions for the upcoming renewal.  With some feedback on it, the letter has been revised to hopefully clarify a few of the finer points.
One thing that is not in the letter is the address at the Council website where the renewal link will be.  On the main page of the Council website you’ll see a blue strip that has several links (“Home”, “Calendars”, etc.)  Toward the end is “Resources”.  On the drop down menu there one of the links is “Merit Badge Counselors”.  The dead link for the renewal for 2016 is still there with there are some still useful forms still available under it.  The new link for 2017 (when it’s finished) will be there too.
Attached to this email is the revised letter with the information you’ll need to complete this year’s renewal.  Deadlines are a little different.  Renewal will open at 12:01 a.m. (00:01) on October 1 and close at 11:59 p.m. (23:59) on December 15. 
Don’t let it slip by because there are NO EXCEPTIONS and if you miss it, your status as a Merit Badge Counselor will not renew as of January 1.
The letter contains other critical information about what can cause you to not be renewed other than just the timeline.  Be sure to read it carefully.
Questions and concerns about renewal can be referred back to this email address and will be answered as quickly as possible.  It comes to the same volunteer who reviews the applications, which means the Council office hours and holidays do not impact the response time.
To ensure that everyone gets this message (and it doesn’t end up in someone’s Junk Mail) please share/discuss the information with the other Merit Badge Counselors in your unit.  We don’t want anyone caught short or to miss the information because of an internet failure like happened last year.

Follow the link below for instructions on renewing your Merit Badge Counselor Status for 2017.


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