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My Philmont Adventure by Zachary Vasquez, Troop 471

by Zachary Vasquez, Troop 471, July 27, 2016 

This was the most memorable time of my life with my dad and crew. Philmont was a very amazing place because of the magnificent sights, and you are able to bond with many people outside of your crew. One of those experiences was working on a conservation project. I had to smash a rock with a sledgehammer named Rosie. Our crew was teamed with a co-ed crew from San Antonio. Along the way we also meet crews from Florida, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii.     

There are many activities that you can do on and off the trail, but mostly we were encouraged to pay attention to nature and the views. One memorable moment was actually a heart-felt sight. Our crew was asked to assist another crew that was having difficulties with injuries. We were saddened to see a father and son embrace with tears because the father was unable to continue because of severe blisters. It is very important that you come to Philmont physically prepared for the excruciating trails and your heavy packs.

When we arrived to our camp we would participate in activities like rock climbing, black powder shooting, shotgun shooting, tree climbing like lumber jacks, geocaching, blacksmithing, and fly fishing. Sometimes we were even treated with a cowboy dinner or a Mexican dinner that was prepared by the staff. The adult leaders especially looked forward to a hot shower which only happened every four days. 

 Our trek consisted of hiking several mountains tops. We were able to summit Black Mountain with our packs, which we later learned was the most difficult mountain to climb. When we reached the very top of that mountain you felt like you can see forever, at least that’s what it was like for me. Trails Peak is a mountain top that is a crash site involving a plane during WWII. This accident happened in 1942 during a training run, but very bad weather forced the plane to crash into the mountain killing all crew members. There is a plaque with all of the names of the men that died, and 2 of them were Boy Scouts, one an Eagle Scout and the other a Star Scout. We had a moment of silence and an Air Force toast led by our crew advisor. This was amazing to me because the staff calls Philmont the scouting paradise, and that is where all of those men died.                  

 The overall experience that I had at Philmont was very amazing to me and for my dad and the others in my crew. I will always remember this life changing experience, and I am forever grateful to those who donated and came before me and made Philmont the greatest Scouting adventure of all time.   

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