Scouting Resources

One of the trademarks of a good Scout or Scouter is knowing your resources. From Internet links, forms and applications, to program and training materials, look to this section for your Scouting needs.  Frrst, though, look to the Council Web Site at www.alamoareabsa.orgExternal Link for all your Scouting questions.  See the sidebar, select Resources/Forms.

EAGLE SCOUT SERVICE PROJECT WORKBOOK.  This fillable form will allow the Eagle Scout candidate to keep all documentation of his Eagle Scout Service Project in one place.  Required after January 2014.

BSA Health and Safety Form.  This fillable form is needed to participate in long term camps; i.e., summer camp, high adventure camps, campouts lasting over 72 hours.

Merit Badge Counselor Application. In order to be a registered BSA merit badge counselor, an adult must complete the Merit Badge Counselor Application and an Adult Registration Application. The Adult Registration Application (can be obtained at the Council Office in San Antonio or from any unit leader) only requires the applicant's signature and proof of Youth Protection Training. All three documents are required for the first merit badge application. When merit badges are added or dropped, only the Merit Badge Counselor Application need be submitted. Applications can be turned in to unit leaders, the Advancement Chair, or the District Scout Executive.

 Online Registration Begins in 2016!

Fundraising Policies and Forms

Individual Scout Accounts and Fundraising By BSA Units. This document answers frequently asked questions about keeping individual Scout accounts.

Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units.  This document explains the fiscal policies and procedures in a frequently asked questions format.

Unit Money-Earning Application.  Use this document to receive approval for conducting a fund raising activity within the unit.

Membership News

Online Registration - Beginning August 1, 2016, the Alamo Area Council will offer online membership registration to new youth and adults wanting to join a unit with the Boy Scouts of America. Unit leadership needs to monitor emails for LEADS coming from asking for more information about their unit.

Recognition for Adult Leaders

District Award of Merit Application - The District Award of Merit is a council award given to an adult Scouter for outstanding service at the District Level.

Top of Texas Nomination - The Top of Texas Award is a district award given to one adult Scouter from each unit based on recommendations from the candidates unit.