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Michelle Barrentine

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  As of 2017, I've been involved in Scouting for 27 years out of the last 32 (had to take a break when I moved to certain locations overseas). I have worked mostly at the unit and District levels, including as a committee member and trainer. I've been through the old Wood Badge course, and was privileged to receive my beads at Gilwell Park in England. 

Here's a full listing of my positions and awards. (Dates read: YYYYMM to YYYYMM)


MC T-1250 LAUREL,MD (NCAC)   198511-198807
MC T-250 RAF Fairford, UK (TAC)    198808-199107 
TNG Team Mayflower District, England (TAC) 199004-199105
MC T-259 LAUREL, MD (NCAC)     199108-199512  
TNG Team PAX DIST, MD (NCAC)   199306-199406
MC T-55 SAN ANTONIO,TX (AAC)   199603-199706
MC T-207 SAN ANTONIO,TX (AAC)  199708-199811
MC T-1988 San Antonio, TX (AAC) 200507-200611
District Comm Keystone Dist (AAC) 200612-200901
FOS Presenter Keystone Dist 2007-2009
Dist Comm Memorial, San Antonio, TX (AAC)  200901-201412
MC T-911 San Antonio, TX 200911-Present (201709)
FOS Presenter Memorial Dist 2010-2011
FOS Chair (Fam) Memorial Dist, San Antonio, TX 2011-2015 
RT Commissioner (BS) Memorial, San Antonio, TX 2011-Present (201709)
Training Chair Memorial Dist, San Antonio, TX (AAC)  201301-Present (201709)
WB Spanish-language staffer Memorial 201506


Wood Badge Beads Presented, Gilwell Park, UK (TAC) 198902
OA [ORDEAL] Hesley Wood UK (TAC) 199106   
OA [BROTHERHOOD], (NCAC)   199210 
District Award of Merit, Laurel, MD (NCAC) 199606 
District Award of Merit, San Antonio, TX (AAC) 201202
District Award of Merit, San Antonio, TX (AAC) 201301
Distinguished Commissioner’s Award, San Antonio, TX (AAC)   201502
Silver Beaver, San Antonio, TX (AAC)   201603





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