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Page updated: June 25, 2018

Eagle Boards of Review are conducted the Second Monday of Every Month at 6:30 PM. Please call Mr. Joel Albert @ (210) 342-7710 for an appointment. All Scouts must be scheduled for project approvals and Eagle Boards of Review. No walk-ins will be accepted.

Coker United Methodist Church
231 E. North Loop Rd.

The Eagle Boards meet at Coker United Methodist Church upstairs in the Rector Building.
This is the same building where Roundtable was held for many years.

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If you need to attend another district for project approval or Board of Review, Click Here for locations and contact information.

Congratulations on reaching this point on your trail to Eagle. Here are all of the necessary forms and documents that you need. Download and print the following files:

1. Eagle Scout Rank Application
2. Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
3. Information for Filling Out your Eagle Application
4. Guidelines for Obtaining Reference Letter
5. Reference Letter Form
6. Reference Letter Return Envelope Guide
7. Tour Plan
8. Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application
9. Ford Eagle Scout Project Grant - Some Money is available to help fund a part of the Eagle Scout Service Project.

These documents can be found by clicking here.

Several other helpful documents and resources are also available on this website for your use. They are:

1. Eagle Scout Project Proposal Approval Checklist (.pdf) This checklist will be used to evaluate your Eagle Project Proposal. All areas on this checklist must be completely covered and included in your write-up. Read it slowly - you will gain a good understanding of what is involved in the write-up of your Project.

2. Eagle Scout Process Checklist - follow the 30 Steps (.pdf) Includes 30 steps from the point of deciding that you want to become an Eagle Scout after achieving your Life Rank to the point of achieving this rank at the Eagle Scout Board of Review.

3. Service Project Planning Guidelines (.pdf) - This document has the elements that should appear on the Eagle Scout Candidate's Final Project Plan from the Eagle Scout Project Workbook.  

4. Age Guidelines for Tool Use (.pdf) - This document is from the "Guide to Safe Scouting." It gives recommendations on the appropriate age for the use of tools and equipment. Qualified adult supervision and discipline is always required. The skills of the Scout should be always be considered.

5. Eagle Scout Fundraising Application Process Explained (.pdf) - Information on when it is needed.

6. After Your Board of Review - What happens next?

7. Eagle Congratulatory Letters
Several Sites are available that offer addresses to request Eagle Congratulatory Letters. Each Site may have addresses that the others don't have.
These sites are:
http://usscouts.org/eagle/eaglecongrats.aspExternal Link
http://www.eaglescout.org/finale/coh/invite.htmlExternal Link

8. Eagle Rank Advancement News - Updates for Eagle Scout Rank.

9. Navigating the Eagle Scout Project: Information for Project Beneficiaries - Guide that helps explains the eagle scout project process for beneficiaries.

Please call Mr. Albert (210-342-7710) to schedule your Project Approval or Board of Review after all of the following requirements are in place:

Project Approval - All signatures in the project workbook must be obtained, including the person's name and number from the organization you want to do the project for. This is the person you coordinated with to ensure that it is a project that they want. You need approval of your Scoutmaster for the project, and bring any sketches of what the project will look like. Print and bring two copies of the Project Approval Proposal Checklist with the information filled out at the top. Also print out and bring a copy of the Eagle Scout Process Checklist. Fill out the blanks on this checklist. Wear your full Field Uniform (commonly referred to as Class A) including the Merit Badge sash. Do NOT wear the OA sash. Bring your write-up, and bring paper and pen/pencil. Do not be upset if your project is not approved on the first try. We are here to help you. Suggestions will be made as to what you need to add or change to make your project able to be approved. We will recommend changes that will aid you in succeeding with your project.

Eagle Board of Review - The 5 or 6 reference letters must be obtained and match to those listed on the Eagle Scout Rank Application. Also, all signatures must be obtained on the application, including the Registrar's signature (from the Council Service Center). Please turn in your application to the Council Service Center and allow two weeks for your application to be processed.

Wear your full Field Uniform, including the Merit Badge sash. Do NOT wear the OA sash.

Bring four copies of your project write-up in addition to the original. Include copies of the Eagle Scout Rank Application and Accomplishments and Life Ambition Statement. (part VI of the Eagle Application). Each member of the Board may request to keep a copy. Bring your Scout Handbook with the Eagle Rank page properly filled out and ready for the signatures from the Board members. Make sure that your Scoutmaster knows he/she is to present you before the board and that one or two members from your Troop committee may serve on your Board.

When you come to Coker United Methodist Church for Project Approval or Eagle Board of Review, please sign in at the registration table. Things may seem chaotic for the first 10-15 minutes. Everyone tends to arrive at once. It takes a few minutes for everyone to sign in and then determine which adults are trained to chair the Boards. Your Board will not meet until your Scoutmaster or any representative from your Troop Committee that you are expecting arrives. The Scoutmaster or a Troop representative will bring your Ealge Reference Letters to the Board. When the Board is assembled, they will meet in a designated room and will spend 20-30 minutes reviewing the Reference Letters and the Project itself. You will then be escorted by your Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Member and introduced to the Board. Take a deep breath, relax, and be yourself.

Those waiting for Project Approval will then have their projects reviewed. Project Approvals may be done in shifts, depending upon the number of adult volunteers available.


Diamondback Life to Eagle Resources

Other Resources:

Helpful videos on YouTube

Two videos are available on YouTube that feature some of our Scout leaders. They were presented at Roundtable several years ago for Eagle District before it became Diamondback District. Although the presentations are based on the format of the old workbook and checklist, there is still lots of information that can be obtained from the videos.

1. Choosing Your Eagle Project and the Eagle Project Approval Process (a presentation by Mike Snell)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otstPQsxaSg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otstPQsxaSgExternal Link

2. The Eagle Board of Review (a presentation by Ralph Beck)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN1G5jyOTnA">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN1G5jyOTnAExternal Link

These videos are recommended for Scouts as well as Scout Leaders. These videos are in multiple parts. Watch all of them or you may miss out on some important information.

Additional resources for Scout Leaders and Board Members:

2017.01.05 Trail to Eagle (.pdf) - a Powerpoint Presentation

Getting Your Scouts through the Eagle Process (.pdf) - a Powerpoint presentation

Eagle Scout Training for Adult Leaders (.pdf) - Council Version

Eagle Scout Training for Adult Leaders (.pdf) - District Version

Eagle Scout Board of Review (.pdf) - A checklist of the Board of Review process from before the Scout arrives to after the board is completed. This is a great tool for both novice and experienced board members.

Guide to Advancement 2017 (.pdf)

Section 9 - The Eagle Scout Rank - Guide to Advancement 2017 (.pdf)

Additional Eagle Scout Resources Links:

http://usscouts.org/usscouts/eagle.aspExternal Link

http://www.eaglescout.org/External Link

http://www.nesa.org/External Link