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Unit Registration for the 2018 Sale will open in late Spring 2018.

Building a strong adventurous program is a great way to keep your Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. Popcorn sales help fund those adventures. The Alamo Area Council's premier money-earning project is the annual popcorn sale.  
  • Scouting units can earn up to 40% in commissions to pay for their Scouting adventures
  • No up-front cost or risk to the units
  • Scouts learn salesmanship and build confidence
  • 73% of all sales stays right here in our local area
Many units have raised sizable amounts of money from popcorn sales; providing for a secure and stable source of income to cover the cost of camping, badges/advancement, special events, Scout nights, and other outdoor adventures. Sign your unit up to participate in this Council-sponsored fundraiser that has proven successful for over 35 years, with $3 billion returned to Scouting nationwide at an average of $150 million each year!

Fundraisers, such as the Trail's End Popcorn Sale, not only support our Units, but also provide support for Scouting Council-wide to help us serve members and volunteer leaders with top notch programs, training opportunities, and camping facilities.  

Here is a List of Upcoming Fundraising Events:

  • Pre-5k Run Campout   (May 18-19, 2018)
  • Boy Scout Trail Run 2018   (May 19, 2018)
  • Boy Scout Shoot Out sponsored by Valero Energy Foundation   (May 24, 2018)
  • Show & Sell/Take Order #1 Popcorn Pickup   (Aug 31, 2018)

  • Watch Our Latest Popcorn Video Below:


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    External Link

    External Link


    Hello Popcorn Folks,

    I hope you’re all having a great time with your summer activities. I just returned from Philmont with my oldest Scout and 5 of his Troop mates, where we hiked over 100 miles and learned to overcome the many challenges we faced. (By the way, his camp fees were totally paid for through his popcorn sales!)

    It has been a while since my last email to you all. Below are some of the latest updates from the world of Popcorn:

    Show-N-Sell Coordination – the best laid schemes…

    What is that quote about the best laid schemes of mice and men? Our plans to be able to coordinate sales with the large local vendors has met with some unforeseen difficulties and we are not going to be able to do them for this year’s sale. We will still be coordinating BassPro and Trader’s Village as always and are still working towards H-E-B Plus sales (that deal is still pending final approval from HEB management). If H-E-B does work out, we will be coordinating that as well. And so, leaders, you may go ahead and schedule Lowes, Walmart etc as you have always done. I do apologize that we have not been able to make it happen this year, but we will be working on it again for next year.

    Commit to the fall sale today!

    Signups for the Fall sale are now OPEN! If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to register your commitment to the fall sale on the NEW Trails End signup siteExternal Link

    Sign up by June 30 to receive a free Quadcopter drone to use as a prize in promoting your sale and motivating your Scouts.

    UPDATE: The first 50 units to register for the Popcorn Sale between August 1 and the end of Scouting Expo will also receive a free Quadcopter drone.


    Most training this year is being handled through the online Trails-End University. Access is through the Trails-End popcorn system.

    We will still be doing one in person training at each office in order to be able to answer specific questions. Those trainings will be on August 7 at the NW Military office and on August 15 at the Zarzamora office. Both will begin at 7pm and will cover the same material as the online training. You must register HEREExternal Link in order to attend those trainings. 

    We will have more information at the Scout Expo on August 3rd. Stay tuned for details.

    Until then, have great summer adventures with your boys!


    What would be an ideal year of Scouting in your Unit and for your Scouts? 

    Would it involve Bear Creek? The Summit? NASA Space Center? USS Lexington?   Mays Family Scout Ranch?

    Is the SKY your limit or are you ready to go BEYOND THE STARS?

    Popcorn Funds *STELLAR* Scouting Adventures!!!

    Click here to complete the PROGRAM PLANNER to calculate how to make it all possible with popcorn!






    ArmadilloShelley Lockwood(210)
    CimarronJericho Talusan(210)
    DiamondbackAmanda McKinnis(405)
    Galaxy/ExploringShannon Duncan(210)
    LonghornJoanna Frausto
    (210) 606-8217
    MemorialDolly Ochs(210)
    Rough Rider

    Michelle Young

    SummitLupita Gutierrez(956)
    Texas HillsJill Lucas(830)
    Two RiversJames Trimble
    (210) 658-5239
    VictoryAndrea Franklin
    (210) 542-5042
    Project AguilaChristopher Mendoza
    (210) 489-9308

    Any registered youth is eligible to sell popcorn . . . Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers. If your Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship, or Post chooses not to sell, YOU STILL CAN order popcorn to “earn your own way” and even some great prizes.


    1.  Check with your Unit Leaders to find out if they are organizing the sale. If so, they will provide you with all the information you need. If not, continue on to step 2.

    2.  Talk with the Leaders and other parents in your Unit to see if YOU can organize the sale. Sometimes Units don’t participate because they just don’t know how to get started or don’t have a dedicated parent to make it all happen. YOU can be that parent!!! Whether it’s for the entire Unit, a Den or Patrol, or even just one Scout, YOU can make a difference!!! Remember, your Scouts and Unit can earn up to 40% in commissions and great prizes. To get started, register at: and take the online training to get all the information you need.

    3.  If your Scout is the only one interested in selling from your Unit, you can still register online, take the training, and sell in person, online, or both. Maybe some of your fellow Scouts will even decide to join you after all.


    • June-September - Online Popcorn Training Available 
    • August 3 - Scouting Expo/Popcorn Kick-off - Distribution of Order Forms
    • August 3 - Take Order #1 Begins
    • August 7 - In Person Training (must register online) - Main Council Office
    • August 15 - In Person Training (must register online) - Scoutreach Leadership Development Center (Southside Office)
    • August 20 - 5pm - Show & Sell/Take #1 Orders Due Online
    • September 1 - Popcorn Sale Begins
    • September 1 - Show & Sell/Take Order #1 Pick-up @ McGimsey Sports Court (registration required - SIGN-UP HERE)
    • September-October - Popcorn Warehouse Hours every Tuesday from 4 - 7 PM
    • October 29 - Popcorn Sale Ends
    • November 3 - Show & Sell Returns Due @ McGimsey Sports Court before 5pm
    • November 5 - Take Order #2 Due Online
    • November 17 - Take Order #2 Pickups (registration required - SIGN-UP HERE)
    • November 19 - Patch, Gift Card, & Bonus Prize Orders Due
    • December 1 - Popcorn Payments & College Scholarship Forms Due - Prize orders will NOT be released until full payment is received
    • February - Online Sales Commission Checks Available for Pickup or Unit Account Deposit


    Show & Sell/Deliver and Take Order Sales Commission

    32% Base Commission

    + 3% On Time Cash/Check Payments

    + 5% Unit Opts Out of Council Prizes




    Online Sales Commission

    Units receive 50% Commission


    Keep Your Unit's Commission

    Units should keep their sales commissions and submit only the portion due to the Council on or before the December 1. Commission will drop 1% for each week final payment is late.

    Balance due can by found by viewing / printing your Unit invoice on the Popcorn SystemExternal Link.


    Patches, Gift Card Prizes, 5% Cash Option, and Bonus Prizes MUST be requested by November 19. After this date, the Council reserves the right to decline requests. 

    Total sales from Show & Sell, Take Order, and Online SHOULD BE calculated and included towards Council Gift Card Prizes, Patches, and Bonus Prizes. 


    All Scouts that sell at least 1 item will earn a Popcorn Patch. Lightsaber patch pieces will be awarded for selling at least one item Online, a Military Donation, at least one Take Order item, at least $600 in Total Sales, at least $1200 in Total Sales, $2500 in Total Sales earning Scholarship, and the 200 Top Sellers. 


    Units may choose to take the 5% Cash Option instead of the Council Prize Program. This option MUST be selected on the Trail's-End Website in order to receive credit. This option DOES include a Popcorn Piece Patch for each Scout that sells at least 1 item.


    A Scout is Trustworthy - Please respect the spirit of the contests.

    Patches, Gift Card Prizes, 5% Cash Option, and Bonus Prizes MUST be requested by November 19. After this date, the Council reserves the right to decline requests. 

    Total sales from Show & Sell, Take Order, and Online SHOULD BE calculated and included towards Council Gift Card Prizes, Patches, and Bonus Prizes. 


    $50 Scout Shop Gift Cards will be awarded for 8 weeks to 36 winners. Each time a Scout sells $600 worth of popcorn, the Unit Kernel or Scout Parent should send the Scout's name, Unit (include Pack or Troop), District, weekly sales total, total times entered, and email address to to be entered into the weekly drawing. Multiple entries are encouraged, but each Scout may only win once. All unpicked entries will automatically be forwarded to the next week’s drawing. Please note that all entries must be received weekly by Tuesday at 9 AM in order to be eligible for that week’s drawing. 

    • September 13 - 1 Winner 
    • September 20 - 2 Winners 
    • September 27 - 3 Winners 
    • October 4 - 4 Winners
    • October 11 - 5 Winners
    • October 18 - 6 Winners
    • October 25 - 7 Winners
    • November 1 - 8 Winners

    $850 CLUB

    Sell $850 and receive a specially designed Jedi Knight Salesman T-Shirt.

    $1500 CLUB

    Sell $1500 and receive a bonus $50 Amazon gift card

    Top Sellers

    The Top 200 sellers council-wide will be invited to join us at the premier of "Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" on opening night, Friday December 15, 2017 at the Santikos Palladium AVX theater. (note that although this movie is not yet rated, it will likely be rated PG-13 and as such may not be suitable for younger Scouts - parental discretion is advised)

    The Top 100 sellers council-wide will be invited to the theater an hour early to take part in the annual Spin-n-Win party


    In 2016, the top 200 sellers sold more than $1300. The top 100 sellers sold more than $2200. Note that past performance is no guarantee of future results ;)  (These events are limited by the physical number of seats available in the theater and so there can be no leeway or discretion to give 'close enough' scouts a ticket.) 


    Scouts who sell at least $2500 (online, face-to-face, or combination) in any calendar year will receive 6% of their total sales invested in their own college scholarship account. More details are available online at TRAIL'S END COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPExternal Link.


    Each District’s Popcorn Kernel will work with their Units to determine the Top Selling Scout for the entire sale. That Scout will receive a special prize.

    DISTRICT’S TOP SELLING UNIT (by percentage of selling Scouts)

    Each District’s Popcorn Kernel will work with their Units to determine the Top Selling Unit by percentage. That Unit will receive a special prize.


    (note these items are being updated and links will be posted as they become available, please check back)

    Unit to Unit Transfer Form

    Popcorn Kernel's Handbook

    Popcorn Sale Fact Sheet                          

    Popcorn Sales Order Form

    Council Prize & Bonus Prize Form

    Unit Kernel Popcorn Training Presentation

    Unit Budget & Goal Setting Worksheet

    Unit Kickoff Presentation

    Training VideosExternal Link

    Selling Tools, Posters, and MoreExternal Link

    Popcorn Sales Receipts

    Show & Sell Business Letter

    Show & Sell Certificate of Insurance -

    • Some businesses request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in order for your unit to sell on their property. If requested, these can be provided by Council and may take up to 72 hours to process. We will not provide blank or unassigned certificates.
    • Email UNIT TYPE & NUMBER, BUSINESS NAME & ADDRESS, AND SALES DATE(S) & TIMES to our new Scouting Relations Specialist, Sam Cardona, for processing. He may be reached at [Click for member's page] or 210-341-8611 x100.

    Click here for the Trail's End Scholarship WebsiteExternal Link


    Click here to view your Scholarship AccountExternal Link


    Scholarship Enrollment Form - This form is used to report sales of newly qualified accounts as well as already existing accounts.


    Scholarship Payout Form - This form is used to submit for payout of the account once all eligibility requirements are met.


    Terms & Conditions - Please review the program's full terms and conditions.



    BSA Individual Scout Accounts and Fundraising

    BSA Unit Money Earning Application (required for all non-council fundraising activities)


    LDS Scouting Popcorn Sale Fact Sheet

    Popcorn Sales for LDS Scouting Units FAQ - Prepared by C. Bradford Allen, LDS Relations Director, BSA



    Jay Ghormley, Popcorn Sale Staff Advisor - (210) 464-6643 - [Click for member's page]

    Courtney Bukowski, Director of Development - (210) 296-7623 - [Click for member's page]

    Sam Cardona, Scouting Relations Specialist - (210) 341-8611 x100- [Click for member's page]


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