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Welcome to the Victory District's Trail to Eagle page 

Page updated: October 28, 2015

Eagle Boards of Review are conducted the Second Thursday of Every Month at 6:30 PM. Please call Mr. John Tedrowe  at (210) 909-6465 for information.  All Scouts must turn in a copy of the project work book at the monthly Roundtable one week prior to the Eagle Boards of Review. 


Click here to Map the location of Brookdale Patriot HeightsExternal Link

If you need to attend another district for project approval or Board of Review, Click Here for locations and contact information.


Victory Eagle Board of Review Information

How to prepare to present an Eagle Scout Project Proposal or Eagle Scout Final Project to the Eagle Board of Review.

  1. Present a copy of the project book to the Eagle Board at the monthly Roundtable which is held on the first Thursday at the L.D.S. Church, 7420 Huebner Rd. We start at 6:30 PM. The Scout should be accompanied by an adult leader and should be in full Class A uniform.
  2. The book will be briefly reviewed and the Scout will be advised as to the acceptability of the book and positive suggestions will be offered as necessary.
  3. The Scout and mentor will be notified by email of any necessary changes or additional information needed in the book.


The Victory Board of Review meets each month on the second Thursday at the Patriot Heights Retirement community, 5000 Fawn Meadow. The official Flag ceremony starts at 7:00 PM. It is recommended to arrive at 6:30 PM to sign in and prepare to present.

The Scout will be dressed in full Class A uniform and must be accompanied by at least 2 adult leaders and his mentor to present the Scout to the Board of Review.

The Scout will be introduced to the Board by his mentor.

The mentor may stay and witness the review but may NOT participate in the review until the review is completed and the Scout is excused from the room, then the board may ask questions and the mentor may participate in the review. Then the Scout will be advised of the Boards decision on his project.

Congratulations on reaching this point on your trail to Eagle. Here are all of the necessary forms and documents that you need. Download and print the following files:

1. Eagle Scout Rank Application
2. Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
3. Information for Filling Out your Eagle Application
4. Guidelines for Obtaining Reference Letter
5. Reference Letter Form
6. Reference Letter Return Envelope Guide
7. Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application
8. Ford Eagle Scout Project Grant - Some Money is available to help fund a part of the Eagle Scout Service Project.

These documents can be found by clicking here.

Several other helpful documents and resources are also available on this website for your use. They are:

1. Eagle Scout Project Proposal Approval Checklist (.pdf) This checklist will be used to evaluate your Eagle Project Proposal. All areas on this checklist must be completely covered and included in your write-up. Read it slowly - you will gain a good understanding of what is involved in the write-up of your Project.

2. Eagle Scout Process Checklist - follow the 30 Steps (.pdf) Includes 30 steps from the point of deciding that you want to become an Eagle Scout after achieving your Life Rank to the point of achieving this rank at the Eagle Scout Board of Review. 

3. Service Project Planning Guidelines (.pdf) - This document has the elements that should appear on the Eagle Scout Candidate's Final Project Plan from the Eagle Scout Project Workbook. 

4. Age Guidelines for Tool Use (.pdf) - This document is from the "Guide to Safe Scouting." It gives recommendations on the appropriate age for the use of tools and equipment. Qualified adult supervision and discipline is always required. The skills of the Scout should be always be considered.

5. Eagle Scout Fundraising Application Process Explained (.pdf) - Information on when it is needed.

6. After Your Board of Review - What happens next? 

7. Eagle Congratulatory Letters
Several Sites are available that offer addresses to request Eagle Congratulatory Letters. Each Site may have addresses that the others don't have.
These sites are: Link Link Link

8. Navigating the Eagle Scout Project: Information for Project Beneficiaries - Guide that helps explains the eagle scout project process for beneficiaries.

Guide to safe Scouting

-  go to -

It is recommended that you review this website and use the information to help

plan a safe project.

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