Journey to Excellence Recognition Program

Journey to Excellence (JTE)External Link

Scouting's Journey to Excellence is the BSA's new council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and local councils.

For more information, contact the Alamo Area Council JTE team at or continue reading below:

Keys to Journey to Excellence

  • The JTE is a set of scored criteria that your unit uses to plan the Ideal Year of Scouting.
  • Based on your score, your unit can earn either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Levels
  • As leaders in the Alamo Area Council it is important to promote Ideal Year of Scouting as a plan which assists all units in achieving their JTE goals.  

How to stay on the Journey to Excellence

  • We all need to live and breathe the JTE. It makes Scouting stronger.
  • Every time we are working on a Scouting project, activity, meeting, etc. we need to think back about how it relates to the JTE.
  • You are an essential part of the council and can help us have the strongest Scouting program ever!

More About Journey to Excellence

  • The Ideal Year of Scouting will frequently be mentioned alongside The Journey to ExcellenceExternal Link, and this is why: the Ideal Year of Scouting is the method to achieve the goal. The Ideal Year of Scouting is planning and The Journey to Excellence is implementing.


Click HEREExternal Link for Journey to Excellence Resources.